Yathu Hospice Malawi.

Improving the quality of life ​through compassionate care.

“Yathu” is a Bantu word from the Chewa tribe meaning “Ours.” At Yathu, we believe in empowering communities, enhancing their ability to resolve their challenges, and offering support as necessary.

We are a team of dedicated volunteers.

“How we treat those dying in our community reflects who we are as a society.” – Dalitso Mzinganjira
The Constitution of Malawi guarantees “the inviolability of the dignity of all persons.” This, in its essence, provides all Malawians with an inherent right to die with dignity, have access to physical, psychological, mental, bereavement, and spiritual care, and be granted the respect consistent with other phases of life. It is in this spirit that Yathu Hospice was founded as a subsidiary of Yathu Foundation in 2012 to complement the government’s efforts to provide hospice and palliative care and support.
Our vision & mission

“A world that understands and embraces palliative and hospice care, where individuals experience their end of life with dignity and support” is our vision and our mission. We strive to improve the quality of life of the communities we serve through the provision of psychosocial and spiritual support to all people with a progressive, life-limiting illness, those at end of life, and their loved ones.

Our values & services

We believe, share, and commit to the following values: accountability, achievement, dignity, compassion, volunteerism, integration, and partnership. Yathu Hospice has outlined several programs and services in our 2019-2022 strategic plan, featuring our flagship program, our community hospice program that offers home-care hospice services, care coordination, family and caregiver support, psychosocial care and support, grief and bereavement, education, and advocacy.

Committed to sharing news.

Yathu Foundation Malawi is dedicated to advancing charity to support Yathu Hospice fulfill its mission and vision. Funds raised through the Foundation enhance quality of life for patients and their families.

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